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Saving You Time and Money 7th October, 2020
Free Consultation

We offer free consultation with our Managing Director, who has over 35 years’ experience in the building industry.  Darren is well experienced in building unique personalised homes on all different landscapes. He will be able to assist you with any questions you have and how we can design and build the best home for you. Making sure that your home does not only create a wonderful living environment but that it serves as an excellent investment opportunity.


Personalised Service

Our designers and client service manager will be able to direct you on what materials and appliances will best suit your lifestyle and budget. breezewayhouse is committed to offering you a personalised service and excellence in everything we do. We prepare build ready drawings and a fixed price contract detailing the exact specifications for your new home.

Great Suppliers

We have secured the top suppliers and brands in the industry to make sure we are getting high-quality materials for the best value.

Building to Your Land

We undertake contour surveys and personally visit your block to make sure we are designing the best home for you. To minimise cost, each home should be designed in response to its environment, it should take advantage of the fall of the land and the shape of the block. Other building companies will most likely want to level your block of land in order to sell you one of their standard project homes. This type of approach often buries up to $80,000+ in unnecessary and environmentally irresponsible ground works.

Making the Most of Nature

We design your home to make the most of views, breezes and sunlight. This will not only save you money on your power bill and reduce your impact on the environment but it your home will feel more comfortable to live in.


Demolitions & Pools

We handle demolitions and pool installation to save you time and to make sure everything is done to a high standard before we begin building. We have heard the nightmare experiences that home owners go through when it comes to dodgy demolition and pool contractors. Because of this we offer to undertake these tasks, to make sure the building experience is as hassle free as possible for our clients.


Best Value Materials

breezewayhouse makes sure we use the best materials for their value and that we don’t waste money on unnecessary products. For example, we don’t use steel frames as they have no significant benefit compared to timber which is half the price.